Thursday, March 20, 2014

Seriously Springy! New Season + Luvocracy + Giveaway!


We made it, you guys.

For those that don't know, I am a ping pong ball. I've moved from Ohio to Florida and back twice - I just landed back here in December, as Mr. Doctor received a lovely fellowship for university. My inner islander was quite cranky to come back to snow, let me tell you! So finally, finally seeing longer days and warmer weather is FANTASTIC!

In celebration of SPRING SPRING SPRING, and fully embracing the fact that I'm a bit of a closet beauty addict, I'm going to share my Spring Essentials! Some are things I use every day that I think will translate to a nice fresh Spring look, and some are things that look so perfect for the season that I might just *have* to order them…and maybe you will, too! I'm including images from my Luvocracy collection for Spring, Seriously Springy - more on that below, be sure to make it to the bottom for a surprrriiiseeee! :D


I love a fast, fresh face for my everyday look. My skin staples don't change much, but my current look works great for Spring. I use Nars Orgasm, a super flattering peachy pink blush, on my eyelids and the apples of my cheeks. I use shimmery brown shades in my crease and to line my upper lid - like those in the Naked 2 palette by Urban Decay. Then I take a creamy black liner, and tightline the inside of my upper eyelid. It doesn't weigh your eyes down - and it makes you look instantly more awake! Finally, finish with a moisturizing balm and a fun pink gloss.



Scents. Good, happy, bright scents that make you feel energetic and lovely. I am loving Bath and Body Work's Pink Chiffon Body Spray, I use a spritz every day out of the shower and sometimes at night to refresh myself - sometimes I even put it with my perfume. It's light, and delicious. 

It's also important to stay moisturized as you'll be revealing more skin as the months go on - a great lotion, like Lush's Karma Kream (splurge!) will make sure your skin stays smooth and sexy. Bonus: It's scented amazingly well - I always, always get compliments when I wear it (from men AND women!) And I notice an improved skin tone when I use it, too!


LAYERING is the name of the game! Ohio can be Hawaii one second, and Alaska the next. Or close to it. So light layering options are the way to go - and it works for most climates! I am loving kimono style cardigans in light fabrics, and skirts. I'd recommend splurging on a chic floral print, and a good staple color like black and navy for either of these styles. Mix and match them, try dressing them up for work or dressing them down with a boyfriend tee for errands and hanging out. This look is from H&M - the Jersey skirt is $5.99! I prefer a little longer, but what a steal!

Lastly, round out your Spring Wardrobe by refreshing your jewelry box with a little new bling - find a statement piece of costume jewelry that you ABSOLUTELY love, and incorporate it into your daily looks for an instant sunny pick me up.

You can find the products I mentioned below in my Luvocracy "Seriously Springy" collection, along with a few other items that I'm currently loving. Check out my Luvocracy Profile to see the items I Luv, including those in this collection. If you've never used Luvocracy, it's a site where you can share fashion and beauty favorites (among other amazing products!) AND easily purchase them. Luvocracy will find the lowest price for you, making it super easy.

AND! HERE'S THE MOST EXCITING PART! Luvocracy has partnered with me for a little cheeky giveaway - they're offering a chance to win a $10 Credit to my readers! The
giveaway ends Mon, March 24. Winners will be notified via email on Tuesday, April 1. See the Giveaway Rules for more details, and good luck!

What are your Spring staples? Share with me below! + Be sure to comment if you join the giveaway!

Thanks, everyone, and HAPPY SPRING!

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Creative Challenge #2 Extension + apologies!

Hallo, all!

I'm extending Creative Challenge #2 (Cooking) for another week. We'll start on a new topic early next week. Shortly after I'm going to work on reformatting these, making it a little more intriguing. Pushing back the deadline partly due to little interest, and partly for personal reasons - a relative went into the hospital at the end of last week, while I was out of town...too much was going on! Luckily, all's well - I'm just behind.

So! Next week we'll wrap up this challenge. And soon, they - and the blog in general - will be getting a facelift. Exciting!

Things to come: More beauty content, a birthday wrap up, and more art - somebody got some watersoluble oils gifted to her recently. Somebody being me. Wooooo!

Take care, all! See you soon!


Monday, March 3, 2014

Creative Challenge #2: Cooking!

Ittttt's Creative Challenge Monday! 
(deja vu, deja vu, deja vu? I really need to create a graphic set for these challenges.)

For a recap on the S?S! Creative Challenge click this pretty little link right here right now.

This weeks Challenge idea was submitted by my gorgeous, talented and brilliant writer friend, Liana!

"What about like. Cooking? Because it could get people to cook things. Or. Draw a cake DRESS. OR WRITE SOMETHING ABOUT CAKE!!!! ...I don't know?" - Sounds good enough to me!
(This is what people sound like when you push them for ideas. Get used to it, people.)

So this week, your Challenge is to create a new piece of art in the theme of COOKING. If haute cuisine is your medium, go for it - send me a picture! Or draw food, stitch food, sing food, record yourself performing an interpretive dance inspired by food - just get it done, and get it to me by Sunday, March 9th. Don't let the Challenge win!

You can send your entries to me in a comment below, or tweet @lakiki #seriouslysparklycc and your entry will be added to next week's results post. You will always receive credit - this is about inspiring each other to create, not taking work! Feel free to link your website / blog to your entry so I can share it. And if you have any ideas for upcoming challenges, comment or tweet them and we'll see if we can make it happen!

Disclaimer: Try to keep things work safe - this blog features art, and the human form IS art, so I can fully warn you a little bit of human body will show up as time goes on. But overtly sexual material won't be included in the Challenge posts, and nudity may be censored in thumbnail for younger readers. The same goes for linking to your page/blog - violent, overly sexual or hateful material won't be linked to.

Thanks, everyone, and GO CREATE!

If you're enjoying the Kristi experience (and who the hell wouldn't?), feel free to follow me on Blogger, Bloglovin' or Google Friend Connect on the right hand of the page to keep your day filled with all things Seriously? and Sparkly! You can also +1 this on Google+. Great new things are coming up - or my name isn't Earl.

What, it could be Earl. You don't know me. Yet.


J/K, <3K

Creative Challenge #1: TV Show - Results!

It's Creative Challenge Monday!(Pretend there's a pretty banner here. I should do that before next week. PRETEND HARD!)

In case you're completely lost, here's the Creative Challenge #1 post that explains the process & inspiration behind the weekly challenges.

Last week, I challenged everyone to create a piece of art inspired by the theme of TV. I was really pleased to find that I got a few comments, and even two submissions! I also have people promising to join Challenge #2 - and I'll hold you to it, guys!

The first person to play along was Grant. He wrote a haiku about the show "Chopped". Have you seen it? It's is a really fun show on Food Network, where four contestants battle to get through appetizer, entree and dessert rounds. There are four mysterious ingredients in each round's basket that YOU HAVE TO USE - and they're often really wild. He wrote:

"What is in the box?
Gummy bears, taro, fish sticks,
Get set for a meal!

The best part is that this could totally be one of the baskets! Thanks, Grant!

The next submission was from the lovely Ms. Amber.

"I find it fundamentally strange / you're not a dessert person / that's just weird and it / freaks me out"

Amber said: "It's based off of New Girl. It's so simple, I will do better next week! Lol :))"

This is adorable, and so much fun! Amber really has a talent for doodles and text art, and she combined them beautifully in a fun print. I hope she does many, many more! And I totally agree - it freaks me out, too.

Finally, I had been wanting to start a small painting inspired by the Game of Thrones character Tyrion Lannister. I made a super quick sketch rough or what I was thinking of.
Booze and women, what a rascal! Tyrion the Imp.
Did I mention it was rough? In the books, they talk about how absolutely grotesque "The Imp" is. But the actor, Peter Dinklage, is really handsome :D I wasn't sure which way I wanted to go, so he sort of came out like a drunk child. Were it not for the Challenge, I'd not share this first rough...but hey! I played along and made something...and that's the whole point.

Congratulations to everyone who participated and kicked the challenge's butt! Next Creative Challenge topic coming very, very soon! Ridiculously soon. I should schedule these better. No matter. ONWARD!


Monday, February 24, 2014

Creative Challenge #1: TV Show (Make something w/me!)

I am very lucky - I know many wickedly creative people. Some are artists, some are writers, some are musicians - some are all of those things and more!

I've been struggling with blocks this past year - I haven't been producing art of any kind! But I want to change that. Louise of Sprinkle of Glitter posted a great blog entry today on Creative Courage, and we're going to follow her example!

I've reached out in the past to my artsy pals - saying HEY! This week, let's try something! Pick a topic, and let's make each other get something done! So let's do it together, guys! Creative challenges, comin' at ya!

This week, I challenge you to produce something - anything - in the theme of a television show. Scribble, doodle, sing-le…character, theme song, how it makes you feel, one you love, one you hate - whatever! It can be as in depth or as simple as you're inspired to do - just MAKE SOMETHING and share it with me in the comments below by Sunday night! I'll post the next challenge Monday morning.

Sneaky peaky: I'm going to work on a picture idea I had weeks ago but never went anywhere with - at the very least I'm challenging myself to have a sketch rough for a painting I was inspired to do.

Tips: Don't think too hard, and don't beat yourself up if it doesn't come easily - give yourself a little time over a few days, and try a few different things. The deadline is to make you complete something, no matter how simple - it's not meant to be scary. Face the blank page demons, and GO!

YOU CAN DO IT! Good luck, guys!


Saturday, February 22, 2014

Sad Sack Cooking Show #2: BBQ Turkey Kielbasa and Buttered Potatoes

Hello again, friends and strangers and strangers-soon-to-be-friends and Mom, and welcome to the second Sad Sack cooking show. Sigh.

"Tonight's meal for 200, Alex!"
"What do you create when you're a) nearly broke b) cold c) lonely d) out of hope that your thighs will ever look the way they once did?"
"What is THIS RECIPE, Alex?"
"Correct! And stop calling me Alex!"

You will need:
+ I package Turkey Kielbasa (I'm using Aldi's brand)
+ BBQ sauce (roughly a cup, but I like it saucaaay. Sweet Baby Ray's)
+ Four to five good sized potatoes
+ Margarine or butter
+ Spices, to taste (ex. salt, pepper, onion and garlic powder, red pepper flakes)
+ Some veggie side to keep your insides from crying and make it look like you're not about to eat your weight in potatoes
+ Whatever shreds of motivation you have left in you for the day
(If you're out of motivation, grab a Pop Tart and crawl into bed. I won't judge)

Gather your ingredients, and remove the packaging from the kielbasa. Don't think about what it looks like. Or what's in it. Or how your insides will probably look like what's in it, when all is said and done. Maybe you should skip this whole thing and eat tofu instead. Press on.

Do they remind anyone else of toes? No? Good!
Chop your kielbasa into small pieces. Toss into a pan on roughly medium heat. I sprayed mine with a non-stick olive oil spray. The kielbasa doesn't need to be fried in oil, you're really just warming and searing it - but something very light to keep it from sticking is a good idea.

I got my EYES on YOU, fellas! Get it? No? Ok.
As your kielbasa is starting to cook, put a small pot of water on to boil - just enough to cover your potatoes once chopped. Wash and peel your potatoes. Mmmm, potatoes. Sorry, thighs! You did yoga once this week, so. It'll be ok? Keep an eye on the sausage to make sure it's not sticking or burning or trying to organize a kitchen revolt against your bad food choices. Get back in there, cilantro - nobody asked you!

I mean it, Cilantro. Unless you want to go the way of the 'tato, back in the fridge.
Chop the peeled potatoes into small pieces. Think mashed potato prep. Whisper apologetically to the starchy demons (and your figure) as you hack them to bits. Watch your fingers. Put them in the water once it's boiling or near boiling. You'll want to cook until fork-tender, but it shouldn't be mush. Let's set that timer for 10-12 minutes. Or whatever.

"The Sauce is the Boss", huh? I've been living life all wrong.
Now the kielbasa should be good and warm and a little brown on the edges. Add in your sauce. See how mine says it's the Boss? I don't think so, Ray! I'm the only boss here! TAKING CONTROL!
Ok, fine, you win. I submit to your saucy will. More sauce.

Sticky goodness that definitely won't make you feel bloated later.
Sprinkle in your spices. Make sure it compliments whatever sauce you've chosen. "You're so pretty, Sauce Boss Ray. I bet all the other sauces want to go to the soda fountains with YOU". I added red pepper flakes as my sauce didn't have much heat. Like my love life. Never mind. Give it a toss and let it continue to cook down. You want the sauce to caramelize, but you don't want it to char or boil or burn or try to achieve world domination. Mine tried to run for office. Wily.

I call this one "Wherefore art thou, Paula Deen?"
Once the potatoes are fork-tender, which is a fun culinary phrase and or celebrity child name I have dibs, drain them. Return them to the pan, and turn the heat to simmer (or low, or still-as-hot-as- medium-high-but-marked-low like my ancient demon of a stove. Add in your margarine, salt and pepper. If you have to ask how much margarine, you didn't add enough. Stir gently, you don't want to mash the potatoes. They've been through enough.

The almost balanced peace sign of mediocre mealness.
Now you're ready to plate. Put extra green beans, or extra whatever your veggie of choice to suffer through today is, on your plate to offset the fact that you're going to eat twice as many potatoes as any human ever needs to eat. Enjoy.

Thanks for reading, gang. Mom. Nobody.

What should next week's meal be?

#1: Coconut milk chicken curry
#2: Spicy pork fajitas
#3: Family sized can of Chef Boyardee Ravioli seasoned heavily with tears

Leave your choice in the comments below, or tweet me -@lakiki #sadsackcookingshow

<3 K

Sunday, December 29, 2013

New Year, New Life.

I've been absent for a while. Let me 'splain.

No, is too much. Let me sum up.

I have moved across the country, again - I just love packing. LIE. My partner, the long suffering Mr. Doctor, received a wonderful fellowship to be smart and do reading and writing things. So I threw everything I owned in my car, made the trek up here to the boonies of Ohio, and am currently job hunting.

Which is its own joy, let me tell you - if you're offering pay in the single digits, your listing probably should have under ten qualifications. And if you feel you MUST post all 8 paragraphs of demands, you should add a rider at the end stating "Yes, we know we're tools - but the economy is bad, so suffer my laundry list of demands and LIKE IT you jobless BASTARD I wasn't hugged enough as a child, I just want a friend, MUST HAVE 8 YEARS OF EXPERIENCE AND BE ABLE TO PERFORM OPEN HEART SURGERRRYYYYYY yes, I know I said entry level and I meant it".

I'm also working on ART. Actual media projects. Despite my hesitance to leave my lovely, lovely, warm, oh so WARM, did I mention lovely? Florida, I'm finding some good art juju in this college town.

I AM NOT, HOWEVER, finding Wifi.

Mr. Doctor, though brilliant in some things, has the technological IQ of a goldfish on a sandwich. With mayo. He went into a deal with the woman in the other side of the duplex to share an AT&T HOTSPOT. My inner tech rat is screaming in agony. But the landscape is pretty.

...I'll get back to actual content eventually. May you be warm and cozy, wherever you are.