Thursday, March 20, 2014

Seriously Springy! New Season + Luvocracy + Giveaway!


We made it, you guys.

For those that don't know, I am a ping pong ball. I've moved from Ohio to Florida and back twice - I just landed back here in December, as Mr. Doctor received a lovely fellowship for university. My inner islander was quite cranky to come back to snow, let me tell you! So finally, finally seeing longer days and warmer weather is FANTASTIC!

In celebration of SPRING SPRING SPRING, and fully embracing the fact that I'm a bit of a closet beauty addict, I'm going to share my Spring Essentials! Some are things I use every day that I think will translate to a nice fresh Spring look, and some are things that look so perfect for the season that I might just *have* to order them…and maybe you will, too! I'm including images from my Luvocracy collection for Spring, Seriously Springy - more on that below, be sure to make it to the bottom for a surprrriiiseeee! :D


I love a fast, fresh face for my everyday look. My skin staples don't change much, but my current look works great for Spring. I use Nars Orgasm, a super flattering peachy pink blush, on my eyelids and the apples of my cheeks. I use shimmery brown shades in my crease and to line my upper lid - like those in the Naked 2 palette by Urban Decay. Then I take a creamy black liner, and tightline the inside of my upper eyelid. It doesn't weigh your eyes down - and it makes you look instantly more awake! Finally, finish with a moisturizing balm and a fun pink gloss.



Scents. Good, happy, bright scents that make you feel energetic and lovely. I am loving Bath and Body Work's Pink Chiffon Body Spray, I use a spritz every day out of the shower and sometimes at night to refresh myself - sometimes I even put it with my perfume. It's light, and delicious. 

It's also important to stay moisturized as you'll be revealing more skin as the months go on - a great lotion, like Lush's Karma Kream (splurge!) will make sure your skin stays smooth and sexy. Bonus: It's scented amazingly well - I always, always get compliments when I wear it (from men AND women!) And I notice an improved skin tone when I use it, too!


LAYERING is the name of the game! Ohio can be Hawaii one second, and Alaska the next. Or close to it. So light layering options are the way to go - and it works for most climates! I am loving kimono style cardigans in light fabrics, and skirts. I'd recommend splurging on a chic floral print, and a good staple color like black and navy for either of these styles. Mix and match them, try dressing them up for work or dressing them down with a boyfriend tee for errands and hanging out. This look is from H&M - the Jersey skirt is $5.99! I prefer a little longer, but what a steal!

Lastly, round out your Spring Wardrobe by refreshing your jewelry box with a little new bling - find a statement piece of costume jewelry that you ABSOLUTELY love, and incorporate it into your daily looks for an instant sunny pick me up.

You can find the products I mentioned below in my Luvocracy "Seriously Springy" collection, along with a few other items that I'm currently loving. Check out my Luvocracy Profile to see the items I Luv, including those in this collection. If you've never used Luvocracy, it's a site where you can share fashion and beauty favorites (among other amazing products!) AND easily purchase them. Luvocracy will find the lowest price for you, making it super easy.

AND! HERE'S THE MOST EXCITING PART! Luvocracy has partnered with me for a little cheeky giveaway - they're offering a chance to win a $10 Credit to my readers! The
giveaway ends Mon, March 24. Winners will be notified via email on Tuesday, April 1. See the Giveaway Rules for more details, and good luck!

What are your Spring staples? Share with me below! + Be sure to comment if you join the giveaway!

Thanks, everyone, and HAPPY SPRING!

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