Sunday, September 29, 2013

Sexy Face Mask Sunday

Because it bears repeating:

Ooooooo, yeah. Because this week has been stressful. Stress stress STRESSSSS!
*singing, off-key, partially on-purpose*

I've NOT been taking very good care of me, or anyone, lately. I've been stressed, anxious, and detached. I spend so much time around people at my job that I don't WANT to see people, or even leave the house, on my day off. Especially when I only have one day, and it's the day after a 12 hour shift, and the day before another week doing things I don't want to be doing. Dwell. Stew. Plot.

BUT TODAY. On my day off. I'm going to make myself leave the house - eventually - and get some sunshine. Maybe. And in the mean time, rather than stressing on things I can't quite make happen all at once anyway, I'm going to do ME stuff.  Treat-Yourself-Stuff. Like wear a sexy face mask. Oh, yeah, internet. It's allllll for you. Want me to take it off? Yea? Me too. It's getting itchy.

Anyway, find some way to relax today. Take ten minutes for you, and then do something - however small - to make your life better. Do something you've been avoiding. Then do something to make someone ELSE'S life better!

…or at least go take that shower. And fold your damn laundry, you toddler, it's been days.

That was not positive self-talk, but if you could hear what was IN my head, you would be damned proud. And so am I. I think.