Thursday, March 13, 2014

Creative Challenge #2 Extension + apologies!

Hallo, all!

I'm extending Creative Challenge #2 (Cooking) for another week. We'll start on a new topic early next week. Shortly after I'm going to work on reformatting these, making it a little more intriguing. Pushing back the deadline partly due to little interest, and partly for personal reasons - a relative went into the hospital at the end of last week, while I was out of town...too much was going on! Luckily, all's well - I'm just behind.

So! Next week we'll wrap up this challenge. And soon, they - and the blog in general - will be getting a facelift. Exciting!

Things to come: More beauty content, a birthday wrap up, and more art - somebody got some watersoluble oils gifted to her recently. Somebody being me. Wooooo!

Take care, all! See you soon!



  1. Yay for more beauty posts and art! :)


    1. Wahoo! And maybe a cheeky little giveaway next week as well... :D