Monday, March 3, 2014

Creative Challenge #2: Cooking!

Ittttt's Creative Challenge Monday! 
(deja vu, deja vu, deja vu? I really need to create a graphic set for these challenges.)

For a recap on the S?S! Creative Challenge click this pretty little link right here right now.

This weeks Challenge idea was submitted by my gorgeous, talented and brilliant writer friend, Liana!

"What about like. Cooking? Because it could get people to cook things. Or. Draw a cake DRESS. OR WRITE SOMETHING ABOUT CAKE!!!! ...I don't know?" - Sounds good enough to me!
(This is what people sound like when you push them for ideas. Get used to it, people.)

So this week, your Challenge is to create a new piece of art in the theme of COOKING. If haute cuisine is your medium, go for it - send me a picture! Or draw food, stitch food, sing food, record yourself performing an interpretive dance inspired by food - just get it done, and get it to me by Sunday, March 9th. Don't let the Challenge win!

You can send your entries to me in a comment below, or tweet @lakiki #seriouslysparklycc and your entry will be added to next week's results post. You will always receive credit - this is about inspiring each other to create, not taking work! Feel free to link your website / blog to your entry so I can share it. And if you have any ideas for upcoming challenges, comment or tweet them and we'll see if we can make it happen!

Disclaimer: Try to keep things work safe - this blog features art, and the human form IS art, so I can fully warn you a little bit of human body will show up as time goes on. But overtly sexual material won't be included in the Challenge posts, and nudity may be censored in thumbnail for younger readers. The same goes for linking to your page/blog - violent, overly sexual or hateful material won't be linked to.

Thanks, everyone, and GO CREATE!

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What, it could be Earl. You don't know me. Yet.


J/K, <3K

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  1. Thank you for your lovely comment on my blog, love stila cosmetics will check them out! Couldn't seem the necklace on bauble bar but will check open, great challenge