Monday, March 3, 2014

Creative Challenge #1: TV Show - Results!

It's Creative Challenge Monday!(Pretend there's a pretty banner here. I should do that before next week. PRETEND HARD!)

In case you're completely lost, here's the Creative Challenge #1 post that explains the process & inspiration behind the weekly challenges.

Last week, I challenged everyone to create a piece of art inspired by the theme of TV. I was really pleased to find that I got a few comments, and even two submissions! I also have people promising to join Challenge #2 - and I'll hold you to it, guys!

The first person to play along was Grant. He wrote a haiku about the show "Chopped". Have you seen it? It's is a really fun show on Food Network, where four contestants battle to get through appetizer, entree and dessert rounds. There are four mysterious ingredients in each round's basket that YOU HAVE TO USE - and they're often really wild. He wrote:

"What is in the box?
Gummy bears, taro, fish sticks,
Get set for a meal!

The best part is that this could totally be one of the baskets! Thanks, Grant!

The next submission was from the lovely Ms. Amber.

"I find it fundamentally strange / you're not a dessert person / that's just weird and it / freaks me out"

Amber said: "It's based off of New Girl. It's so simple, I will do better next week! Lol :))"

This is adorable, and so much fun! Amber really has a talent for doodles and text art, and she combined them beautifully in a fun print. I hope she does many, many more! And I totally agree - it freaks me out, too.

Finally, I had been wanting to start a small painting inspired by the Game of Thrones character Tyrion Lannister. I made a super quick sketch rough or what I was thinking of.
Booze and women, what a rascal! Tyrion the Imp.
Did I mention it was rough? In the books, they talk about how absolutely grotesque "The Imp" is. But the actor, Peter Dinklage, is really handsome :D I wasn't sure which way I wanted to go, so he sort of came out like a drunk child. Were it not for the Challenge, I'd not share this first rough...but hey! I played along and made something...and that's the whole point.

Congratulations to everyone who participated and kicked the challenge's butt! Next Creative Challenge topic coming very, very soon! Ridiculously soon. I should schedule these better. No matter. ONWARD!


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