Sunday, November 17, 2013


My creative process, web design edition:

Drink far too much coffee than is humanly good for me, and vibrate around the house muttering song lyrics to myself and twitching to the beat.

Look at Pinterest, because other people are DOING THINGS. Also because you really need a better dog kennel solution. And that scruffy dude looks amazing in GQ, you should repin that. And cake pops. And glitter. And organization, which is actually not bad. You should organize your whole desk.

No, forget it, it's been weeks - why start now.

Drink more coffee.

Check up on a few blogs, because blogging is work. Giggle at bad sex stories.

Check Facebook for the ninth time. Make an inappropriate joke about fairy tale characters, because Once Upon a Time makes no sense. Delete it from your wall.

Make tea, to try to calm down.

Add honey, because screw calming down.

Squint at the screen, realizing you never put your glasses on.

Refuse to put them on.

Think about opening Photoshop.

Google watercolor tattoos instead. That's art.

Twitch some more.

...I'll get there, eventually.

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