Saturday, November 2, 2013

Makeup Review - L'Oreal Colour Riche Le Matte Lipcolor

I'm a lipgloss / balm kind of girl. Anything more opaque than that makes me feel like a kid wearing Mommy's makeup. But I've been trying to bust out of my makeup rut, to try new products and amp up my look a little bit. So when I saw this on clearance at Target, I had to snatch it up.

Matte lip formulas are a great way to add some drama to your look for Fall - they look chic and strong without being too shiny or over the top. IN THEORY. The color I picked up is number 408 - She's So Matte - and the package color is the most PERFECT salmony-watermelon mix.

...which would be a pretty color, but a horrible paté.

The product is housed in a thin barrel, and you can twist the top to expose more lipcolor. There's decent color payoff, for sure, and it's a pretty smooth feeling formula. Given how strong the color is, there's plenty of product - though, let's be fair, the barrel length is a bit deceiving.

As with any matte formula, you want to be sure that your lips are smooth and moisturized before applying. A sugar scrub or a light exfoliation with a really soft toothbrush is a good way to keep your lips soft, and a nice lip balm will make sure they feel moisturized. 

If you skip these steps, you might end up with zombie Kool-aid mouth. And unless you're a zombie in a Kool-Aid commercial, I don't recommend that look. 

Work it, girl. Decomp diva, right here.

On a moisturized lip, the color applies very smoothly and feels lovely. It has a nice satiny feel. If you neglect balm before applying, the color feels like it is drying your lips out very quickly (logical for a matte product to not be as slick and pleasantly moisturizing as a gloss to some extent, but many matte finish lipsticks feel moisturizing for some time on the lips). Also, the color of the product is not quite that of the packaging - at least in this instance. It's more of a very shockingly vibrant berry than the melon color I expected. I had a little trouble capturing the difference in a proof photo...

As you can see. "BABY LOOK PRETTY NOW, MOMMY?" < / Maria Bamford stand-up routine >

Above, it's bled at the edges - the lip balm I used was probably a little too decadent, and the color slipped around. An EOS balm would do the trick nicely, I'd think - my current go to is Vanilla Carmex (love love love), and it's a bit less waxy. The PRODUCT seems to dry/fade somewhat easily, but the COLOR lasts really well - almost like a stain. I couldn't get it off before work!

I feel like this would be a great product for a fun night out - maybe where you weren't going to be doing a lot of eating or kissing. I think it's too drying of a matte to comfortably wear for a busy day look, unless you're in to frequent touch ups to keep your lips from feeling too dry. But that could just be me still getting used to mattes! If it weren't for the color, I wouldn't regret the purchase a bit - but I don't know that I love it enough to buy another.

If you tried this product, or their lacquer line, let me know what you thought! If you want to see more zombies, let me know that, too!






The product above was bought with my sad little wallet, and the opinions are my honest (albeit rambling and confusing) thoughts on the product and are in no way endorsed by the brand.


Guys. What should I name my sexy undead "makeup don't!" zombie lady? Kimm Corpsedashian. The Corpse "Always a Bridesmaid, Never a-" Bride. Give me your zingers, I think she needs to stick around. She's wearing the featured lipcolor. What a sport!


The above-quoted Maria Bamford stand-up bit. Get that voice in your head, and repeat it at your mirror every time you finish getting ready. Bonus points for faces. Bonus bonus points if you can cross your eyes, I can't. Seriously, it's a problem. Language warning...which really, you should be prepared for any time you come here. I used to be a sailor.

...hello, sailor. < / Graham Chapman >

I've completely lost the point of this post. Zombies, Stand-up and Monty Python...all necessary components in the beauty biz, really. Later days!

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