Sunday, October 27, 2013

Sexy Face Mask Sunday - Que Bella Relaxing Aromatherapy Mask

Say it with me now:

Today's skin treat was another one from Que Bella, the Relaxing Aromatherapy mask. It's described as a "lavender day mask", and its lavender essential oil is supposed to make you feel "refreshed, revitalised and relaxed". It comes in the familiar 15g/0.5 Fl Oz. size foil pack, and feels quite like a mud mask when applied.

Also? It's FANTASTIC. Look at how relaxed I was! I'm a fantastic actress, folks, but that was REAL.

Sometimes natural lavender products can be too strong. This has a soothing, light scent. It's a pale colored mask with a clay consistency. At the same time, it's very smooth - it doesn't feel gritty or drying as some mud masks do. I genuinely felt myself relaxing and enjoying the mask. It stung a tiny bit around the nose as it dried, but otherwise it was comfortable.

My skin felt very moisturized and happy after using this mask....I will definitely get it again! It's my favorite of the line thus far.

Now for the bad news: I don't see it listed on their website,  OR on Hopefully they keep carrying this one! I bought mine last week at Target. Like all their masks, it sells for between $2-3 dollars. This is the perfect thing to accompany a nice long soak in the tub on a relaxing day off.

Orrrrrr those five minutes of stolen peace on a hectic mine today :D!

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