Sunday, October 20, 2013

"The Maiden Journey of the Great Ship S.O.L." - Fiction Drabble series

One of my beloved co-workers and drinking buddies has left work for a few weeks on a work assignment. I've decided to chronicle our trials in his absence. Except, of course, "we" are the great crew of the incredible S.O.L. Enterprise - a futuristic luxury cruise liner, bereft of it's much loved Captain S. One crewman feels something strange is happening, and can't help but worry for the true fates of the dear Captain, their crew, the ship itself, and it's none-the-wiser passengers.

Crewman's quarters, S.O.L. E. 
Maiden voyage, second day.

Day two on the S.O.L. Enterprise. Without Captain S, the crew has grown uneasy. Spirits began high after takeoff, but morale has begun to ebb and there are mutterings of dissension in the ranks. Strange keening sounds have been reported in the engine room, but we have been assured they're merely the new bulk heads settling into place at hyper speed. Still, I have begun to fear that this journey may hold perils unknown to all but the highest authorities.
- D/C Vilks

Crewman's quarters, S.O.L. E.
Maiden voyage, ninth day.

Despite my misgivings, the crew of the SOL has completed the first leg of the journey without incident. Bar a minor kitchen scuffle over the preparation of coq au vin (where the sous felt sherry should go IN the recipe and the chef felt it should go in HIM), and the small matter of a missing lapdog from first class, everything has been running smoothly. The odd engine room noises have disappeared, at least during the day time. 
I find myself waking at odd hours, though, often with a start. And, surprisingly, shivering despite the warm waters we sail through. Once, I awoke OUTSIDE my cabin...sprawled on the small steps toward the passenger deck, clutching the rail and gasping in air with a thudding heart as though I'd just sprinted through the wide forest back home. Perhaps I've taken ill, and should see the doctor for a tonic of some kind. I'll do so, should these oddities persist. 
-D/C Vilks

Godspeed and smooth sailing, son, hopefully we'll hear from you soon.


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