Sunday, October 13, 2013

SPOOKY SUNDAY! I get into Halloween.


Original, I know. But I like the campy, cutesy, creepy Halloween - the Ricci movies, the Disney, gargoyles everywhere  (I'm a firm believer that gargoyles Jack Skellington belong in all holiday displays anyway) - I love the over-the-top ridiculous fun aspect. I like clever costumes, but I reserve the right to wear fishnets and way too much eyeliner if I so desire.

But I have NOT been spooky these past few years. Life has conspired to keep me from my happy go-lucky Wednesday Adams roots. And I'm rebelling! The next few weeks are going to AMAZINGLY HALLOWEEN-Y - I have spoken.

Most of my decorations are in storage, but I scraped together some Target and Dollar Store cheapies. Seriously, the first walk-through of Target's Halloween section makes me gasp like a kid at Disney World. Or like me at Disney World. Do you want to go on the Haunted Mansion with me? It's worth the $80 ticket. COME ON.

This is what I have going so far, besides my gargoyle slash dancing ghost display up top:

Target decals, Dollar Tree bat garland, spooky tree, glam skull and haunted house candy box.

Silver skull garland and wood sign from Dollar Tree. Campy Disney ghost cute!

Maybe I'll go to my storage unit and my Grandparent's attic and dig out my other decorations...regardless, I'm always gonna supplement my holiday decorations with Dollar store things from now on. The garland is so cheap, you can find great little bits and bobs to hang on the wall for's a great way to decorate on the cheap, or to accent your more lasting pieces for a much stronger festive look. Especially great at parties! *Eric Idle eyebrow wiggle*

...I swear this isn't a plug, I just love excess when it comes to holiday spangle and Dollar Store visits let you do it. If you use a judicious hand, it still looks like a million (ok, maybe twenty) bucks.

Soon will be cider, (more) pumpkin beer, homemade pizzas, skulls everywhere (punk? day of the dead? ALL OF THEM!), and my favorite flicks: HOCUS POCUS, Casper, ParaNorman, Cursed, The Addams Family, and - of course - Nightmare Before Christmas. 

Time to dig out my Jack and Sally earrings, and paint my nails a creepy color. Gotta scare the people at work, I've been slacking off.


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