Sunday, October 20, 2013

Sexy Face Mask Sunday - Que Bella Pomegranate Peel-Off Mask

It's that time again, sparklesaurs! SEXY FACE MASK SUNDAY!

This week, I tried Que Bella's "Refreshing Pomegranate Peel-Off Mask". Like the other masks in their line I found it at Target in the familiar foil packet. It's 15g/0/5 fl oz., and was a low price. Unlike the other masks, I hated it.

The package states, in part, "Refresh tired skin with this fresh-scented mask...will leave your skin with a great, refreshed feeling".

If you're unfamiliar with peel-off masks, they are usually of a transparent, gel-like consistency. You smear them on your face awkwardly, and after they dry you peel off a thin layer of something akin to stretchy Elmer's glue as you peeled it off your fingers in first grade. Afterward, your skin feels somewhat more refreshed - usually due to a magic, skin feeding ingredient that makes your life better.

This mask wasn't exactly gel-like. More like Jelly.

K.Y. Jelly. 

Um. Nice to meet you too, over-excited spa lady. How refreshing?

I think the formula separated somewhat in the pack...there was a lot of liquid, making application messy. Oddly enough, the gel portion was semi-tacky already - like it had already started to dry. So. wrong on two counts. The mask got uncomfortably itchy quite quickly...mostly around the nose, where I was probably crinkling it in distaste. It peeled off in small, spiderweb-like sections - not the satisfying peel of other masks. I ended up washing most of it off under the tap. The scent was somewhat fruity, but in an almost alcohol way - like really cheap, fruit vodka. I didn't notice it as much as it started to dry.

The one positive thing I noted about this mask was that my skin looked less red after using it on some areas where I had temporary discoloration from a breakout. My skin doesn't feel like it's horribly dry, it does feel cleaner and like oil was removed - but I do have the urge to go slather on moisturizer, my cheeks and forehead feel too tight when I move.

So, not the worst thing that's ever been on my face - story for another day! - but I won't be repurchasing it.

Try Queen Helene's Grape Seed Extract Peel-Off mask instead, if you want to jump on the peel-off train - it too promises to remove impurities, is low-cost, and shockingly leaves your skin feeling BETTER after you use it.

Find it on Amazon, or the "Skin Treats" collection of my brand sparking new Luvocracy.

...have you tried Luvocracy? It's like Pinterest, for products you can then buy. It looks pretty amazing. Comment below to show me yours, and let me know how you like it! I'm thinking of using it to list items used in tutorials or comparison reviews.

That's all for this masky madness, until next time!


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