Friday, June 21, 2013

Where she's bad at focusing

I am all kinds of wound up. This could be from the fact that I have a mug filled with coffee that I've been drinking since 9. It just keeps filling itself up. IMAGINE THAT. We're in the "hurricane season" here in Florida, without a hurricane. Or, as it's locally known, "OH, GOD, MY HEAD - MY SINUSES ARE FULL OF GLITTER AND POP ROCKS" season. And when I say local, that's pretty much the cranky bitch here in my room. I wish she'd shut it. And stop drinking all of my coffee. Which I only brewed to counteract the sluggish headache feeling. But now I'm awake and with a short attention span. I can't focus enough to make anything, and I would like to HOP UP AND DOWN AND TYPE IN ALL CAPITAL LETTERS BECAUSE IT IS FUN and I'm listening to British punk music and I have a sneaking suspicion that Frank Turner might be a bit of a bad influence, but what a good one. Because Amelie lies to EVERYONE.

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